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Freida Rothman Jewelry

Freida Rothman Necklaces Frankfort IL

Freida Rothman Sterling Silver Jewelry at Distinctive Gold Jewelry

2 years ago Distinctive Gold was introduced to a fashion based jewelry brand called Freida Rothman. It was introduced to us as affordable sterling silver jewelry. The line has re-invented itself and has found it’s home at DGJ in Frankfort, IL. With the beauty of the desings, the designer taste that comes from teh jewelry itself, it is clear to see why it has made it's way into our showcase. The line speaks for itself  with visionary designs, and is not afraid to take some risks.

Why Freida Rothman Jewelry?

Here at Distinctive Gold we wouldn’t bring anything to our Frankfort, IL store if we didn’t believe in it. What does Distinctive gold Jewelry love about FR?

    • Affordable. The price point is something that you have to bring up when you talk Freida Rothman. It has prices that range from $50 and have sets that can push to over $1,000.


    • Design. Something that we appreciate here at Distinctive Gold Jewelry is jewelry design. This beautifully crafted and well thought out brand helps to give a classic, new age, or modern style to any outfit. Every piece can either add a vintage look to your style or a modern twist.


    • Color. This distinctive attribute adds beauty to the Freida Rothman jewelry. It is the attraction to colored metal that makes the designs stand out. Without the hesitation and fear to push boundaries with metal design, the jewelry creates a new dimension to fashion.


  • Variety. With many different collections for each lifestyle you can see which style works for you, and even make your own. With the addition to colored metal, the comfort for classic sterling silver look in the design can ease you into the more adventurous styles.


Freida Rothman Sterling Silver braclelet
Sterling Silver Bracelet Frankfort, IL


Reinventing Color with Sterling Silver

The Freida designed jewelry reinvents color. We all have made the leap into the white metal jewelry (platinum, white gold, silver, etc.) and Freida Rothman is keeping that beauty of sterling silver, but is taking the lead of mixing metals and colors. Talk to any fashionista and they will say that monochromatic is fading, and color will be dominating the showcases.

It’s tough to stay away from the sterling silver beauty of metal these days, but with Rothman designs and jewelry the mixed metals makes them something that stands out, bringing some passion from the color. Silver and white gold is beautiful, yes, but the possibilities and beauty of you and your jewelry can really shine when adding some color to your style. You’ll be glad you did. As you can pair wine with food and cheese, Freida Rothman allows you to pair your jewelry to your new outfits.

Freida Rothman Jewelry in Frankfort, IL

New FR designs are released every season. From necklaces, fashion rings, pendants, earrings, bangles and bracelets Freida Rothman designer jewelry will stay on the top of fashion. While every collection caters to a specific lifestyle, it will allow you to easily and affordably combine looks creating your own signature Rothman-esque look.

It is the perfect mix between classical Frankfort Suburban charm and big city glamour. Every piece is influenced by Frieda’s own definitively cosmopolitan taste. If you are looking to see the Rothmand Jewelry in person, come in and see our showcase that is dedicated to FR designs. Or contact us through our website or give us a call at (815) 469-2929 to get more information.

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