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Jewelry Repair and Service

Jewelry Repair and Jewelry Service

At Distinctive Gold Jewelry we take customer service seriously. That's why the jewelry services we provide are tailored specifically around the convenience of our customer. Distinctive Gold is a full service jeweler that offers on site jewelry repair for the following:

  • Full Jewelry Repair - Any service or repair that you need for rings, bracelets, necklaces and more!
  • Engagement Ring Service & Care - Whether it is just cleaning, check-ups, retipping, or replacing your prongs, we can help! See our Engagement Ring Maintenance Tips for more information.
  • Ring Sizings & Repair - Whether you got the engagement ring 2 sizes to large or need to polish your shank or reset a stone our experienced goldsmiths and gem-setters can help.
  • Jewelry Cleaning - If the DIY jewelry cleaning kits can't get teh muck and gunk out, then we can provide professional jewelry cleaning with our ultrasonic machines, brushes, and soaps to bring back the shine. We will even double check your stones to ensure they are tightly secured afterwards.
  • Chain & Necklace Repair - If a link in your chain has broken, your clasp needs to be rebuilt, or the jump ring just needs to be soldered our in-house jewelry repair shop can fix it.
  • Fine Jewelry Polishing & Finishing - If your watch, ring or pendant are scratched up or dinged and need a bit of a revamp, we will use the highest quality jeweler's rouge to buff out any scratches that you may have. Whether you are looking for a textured look or even Rhodium plating, we can do this all in-house.
  • Stone Setting - We can bezel set, tighten, channel set, bead set any of your jewelry. Our experienced gem-setters can cut or re-set any of your stones or replace or retip any of the prongs to ensure a secure fit.
  • Engraving - If you are looking to add dates, names, or an event engraved on the fine jewelry piece that you own, we can give you just that.
  • Bead & Pearl Re-Stringing - We know, pearls can fall off, the strings can break but we are hear to repair them. If you are looking for knotted or un-knotted re-stringings, pearl drilling or gluing we will be able to fix them.
  • Watch Repair - Cracked crystals and ruined watch bands are nothing to worry about. Our watch maker has repaired almost everything. We can repair your Rolex, Tissot, Citizen and more!
  • Watch Batteries, Sizing, & Cleaning - If you need a battery for your watch replaced, a few links out of the band, or just an overhaul and cleaning then we will be able to get your watch back to you, on time.
  • Jewelry Appraisals - If you have family jewelry or new jewelry, we always suggest to get it appraised. Our expert knowledge will help you get all the facts about your piece of jewelry. If you are looking to get jewelry insurance, we can help with that process as well.
  • Custom Made Jewelry - We specialize in Jewelry Design, Consulting, Wax Cutting and more, if you are looking for Distinctive Jewelry - look no further! We will be here to help give you exactly what you want!
  • Computer Aided Designs (CAD) - If you are lookng for something that is created that needs to be intricate, we offer the CAD service to create the jewelry piece in a computer system and grown in wax to be accurate and exactly what is wanted.
  • Metal Smithing - We have specialized in all fine metals like platinum, gold (yellow, white, rose), silver nickel, copper, stainless steel and more. If it's a welding or soldering question, even if it isn't jewelry, we can help you find the answer.
  • Fashion Design - Yes, we need to know the trends, what is hot or not, so if you are looking to make your own dress to match some pearls, or a jewelry box to keep your birthstones we will keep you up to date to the hottest trends and fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jewelry Repair

We have the experience, the tools and expertise to answer any of your questions about jewelry repair. Below are some more of the frequently asked questions that we see, but if there are any others that you have feel free to give us a call at (815) 469-2929.

fix jewelry in Frankfort IL

What Are the Steps to Getting My Jewelry Repaired?

We can't make any serious judgements on the repair without seeing the jewelry itself. As well, any documents, appraisals, or information that you have on the piece before you bring it in will help us determine what kind of metal and procedures we need and can do to get it repaired fully.

Can You Repair Any Jewelry?

We can work on most, if not all jewelry that is brought in. Traditional metals (gold, silver, etc.) and fine jewelry is our specialty and can be done in-house, however we can work on mostly anything from costume jewelry to brands we don't carry. If there are any particularly tricky or rare situations we will find the right answer, place, or procedure to get what you need done. If we need some extra time to find an odd shaped stone or rare part, we will inform you right away. When the jewelry was bought from another store, be aware that your warranty may break if not brought back to the original jeweler for repairs.

Are there Warranties on the Jewelry?

If the piece was bought at Distinctive Gold Jewelry. If the piece was not purchased through us, we can not legally take any responsibilities for the piece or the warranties it may have had. Most warranties will break if not brought back to the original jeweler. We will do our best to ensure that the piece of jewelry will be repaired fully, we will inform the customer, and that our customers are satisfied.

Is there a Maximum or Minimum Sizing for a Ring?

Rings are typically not meant to upsized or downsized more than 3 ring sizes. However, it is better to let the jeweler see the ring before making this statement. Sometimes with the right touch we can get more or less than that.

Can You Only Replace Watch Batteries or Fix Jewelry Your Store Carries? Or Can You Do Any?

We can replace the batteries on any watches, even if we don't carry that brand. Watch Repairs on the other hand can be tricky, There may be difficulty getting the right part. Although we very rarely cannot get the watch part, it may take many weeks to get it. If it is repairing our jewelry, it does not have to be bought with us, or carried by us to be repaired. However, replacements for brands we do not carry are near impossible. We suggest if you just want it replaced and it is under a warranty to bring it back to the original jeweler. After that step, we will use our best judgement and experience.

Experienced Jewelry Repair

At Distinctive Gold Jewelry in Frankfort, IL we have seen it all. Whether it is from repairing and engraving the Michael Jordan Trophy (ask Tony about that one) or to the simple engagement ring check-up and cleaning. In our over 40 years of jewelry experience, we know exactly what to do in order to fix your jewelry properly. We always say that sometimes the best compliment is knowing that we are the trusted jeweler in the Frankfort area that can fix your watch, necklace or bracelet in the best way possible. We appreciate the trust and confidence and show that love for our customers in our work. If you are looking for any fix or repair to be done properly call us at 815-469-2929!