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Wedding Bands and Rings

Men’s and Women’s Wedding Rings

For both men and women, picking the right wedding ring is important. It’s the next step after finding the perfect engagement ring. It’s one of the first big decisions that they do together. And whether you are looking for a traditional wedding band or for something more unique, this is typically one of the final and most challenging steps left when getting married. 

For women, matching the engagement ring with the band is of utmost importance. A band that matches the engagement ring and compliments the diamond is the main goal of a women’s wedding band. We call this the “hard part”. When first picking an engagement ring the long-term decision of how the wedding band and engagement ring will look together is far from mind, understandably. For men, getting the right material, size and style is important as well. While men do not usually have to compliment an existing ring, they have a lot of decisions to make. What karat? Add diamonds? What thickness of metal? All can be a little overwhelming, but we are here to answer some questions you may have.

Types of Women’s Wedding Rings

Women’s wedding rings are a bit tricky. Women’s wedding bands can be the Classic BandClassic ComfortClassic Flat, and Flat Comfort Fit bands; however, they also have 2 additional versions due to the engagement ring. These two distinct wedding bands are either the Straight Band or Shadow Band. In most instances the four classic wedding bands mentioned above do not work well stylistically with a women’s engagement ring. So, they are customized to fit the style of the existing ring.

Straight Band

straight wedding band style

The straight band is the most simple and certainly the most common. The women’s band typically is made to match by the addition of the diamonds to the wedding ring. The women’s wedding band compliments the engagement ring and enhances it. The straight band is exactly what you think it is, and can be seen in the example above. Although the rings may seem straight, there may be slight curves that makes fitting the wedding ring difficult.

Shadow Band

The Shadow band’s major difference is due to a curve, wiggle or bump to it. The wedding ring truly has to “wiggle” where the engagement ring “wiggles” or bumps out. The wedding band in this instance has to fit flush and at every curve. In doing this, after adding diamonds, will make the band seem to truly belong. This makes for a perfect and unnoticeable fit. In this way, the wedding band and the engagement ring become one and compliment the other with intricacies and style they could not obtain on their own.

shadow wedding band

Diamond Wedding Band

For both the shadow band and the straight band, there is an ability to have these rings set with diamonds. The ability would depend on the style of setting (prong set, bead set, pave, burnished), material (gold platinum, silver, etc.) and the thickness of the band. While there are many engagement rings that have a matching wedding band, we sometimes have the ability to customize the band and add additional gems, flair and accents.

Types of Men’s Wedding Bands

Today, men have more choices and options for wedding bands than they ever have in the past. These range from different metals, sizes, matching wedding rings, and even interchangeable inner bands. We will highlight the four more classic bands, however we highly suggest seeing the new brands we have in-store.

Classic Band

classic wedding band

This wedding band is exactly what you think of when you are thinking of a Men’s wedding band. It can come finished in many different ways, but what makes it different then the rest is that the inside of the band is flat. It comes domed on the outside of the band no matter what type of finish it has.

Classic Comfort Fit

classic comfort fit wedding band

The word “Comfort Fit” means it has a domed inside. In other words, it has no flat surface or edge when sliding over the surface of the finger. This domed interior typically adds around 20% metal adding more cost and weight. Comfort fit bands have actually outsold classic 9 to 1 even though classic has been around for ages.

Classic Flat

classic flat wedding band

The Flat version of the wedding band is the exact opposite of the classic band. Flat on the outside and the inside of the band. This band is the simple and elegant band, and will always be “in” when it comes to style and fashion. Usually more cost effective in comparison due to the less effort to create and less metal in these bands.

Flat Comfort Fit

flat comfort fit wedding ring

This is ergonomic and very helpful with those customers who have sensitive knuckles. There is a curved dome on the inside, and flat on the exterior. In the cross section above you can clearly see the dome shape on the inside. The Flat outside lets this band to be slightly more cost effective compared to the classic comfort band.

Custom Wedding Bands

Distinctive Gold Jewelry has created many custom made wedding bands over its years. We have the ability in the modern day to create rings through computer-aided design and computer programs. We can get an accurate wedding band that matches exactly to engagement rings and leaves minimal to no gaps between the rings. Most custom wedding bands are because customers are looking to upgrade wedding bands, fabricate new bands that match perfectly, or are looking for a unique men’s ring.

As well, if you are looking for hand crafted wedding bands, we can cut the wax to the exact specifications and match it as best as our master jewelers can. We enjoy creating the rings by hand because it can give different character and dimensions that only a master craftsman can.

What kinds of metals can you get for wedding bands?

There are many different types of metals that can be used for wedding bands. Some more popular types of metals for wedding bands are: Gold, Platinum, Silver, Tungsten Carbide, and other high-tech metals. Below are our suggestions for wedding bands.

DGJ’s suggestions for Women’s wedding bands:

  • Works well visually and aesthetically with the engagement ring.
  • Ensure that it helps to compliment the engagement ring and the center stone.
  • Get a color or metal that matches the existing engagement ring.

For men DGJ’s top suggestions are:

  • Match it well with your skin tone.
  • Get a metal that is durable enough for your lifestyle.
  • Explore the interchangeable Men’s wedding rings.